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Abuse Hold Session

Abuse takes on many forms and many faces. It can come from another or from ourselves. What if there was a way to not let abuse stop you from living the life that you know is possible? The Access Consciousness Abuse Hold is a potent energetic hands on technique that when run assists both the body and the being of releasing and changing everything that has been locked up due to abuse.

Are you ready to live a life with no effect from abuse? Take the leap and sign up today for this rare opportunity to learn this amazing and life transformational body process. Is it time to let both you and your body enjoy again? What else is possible?


listen to The Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse by Gary M. Douglas at least 30 times (listening on low volume while sleeping is also ok).

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Access Consciousness® BARS™

Access BARS® is an energetic, hands-on tool designed to facilitate a different way of functioning. Gently touching 32 points on the head, can easily and effortlessly release anything getting in the way of your life.

Having your BARS run begins to dissipate the electrical charge as it is stored in your brain. It is like having your computer re-booted and the hard-drive defragmented.

BARS facilitates the deletion process of behaviors, patterns, limiting beliefs, emotions, points of view and so much more. You begin to be more present in your life and allows the possibility of a different future.

Is it time to be present in your life? Are you ready to participate in your experience? Running your BARS could change everything and at the very least, you'll feel relaxed and nurtured, like you've received a gentle massage.

The Access Consciousness clearing statement is a gentle and effective tool used to facilitate change in any area of your life. For more information on the clearing statement, here's the website: www.theclearingstatement.com

An independent study is also underway right now by the Global Neuroscience Research Foundation. You can learn more about the study here: http://access-consciousness-blog.com/2015/07/access-bars-global-neuroscience-research-foundation

My experience having Access Bars is not something easily described in writing. How do you explain what it feels like to have your body energetically, “electrically”  realigned?. Prior to the session my body, brain and spirit were not feeling one hundred per cent lined up, almost like they were working independent of each other, the “walking through mud” feeling. After getting "My Bars Run"  with Lori, it was like everything clicked and was connected, the veil lifted off my brain, like having a shot of adrenalin without the drama!

- Christine, Glendon, AB

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Access Consciousness® Body Processing™

With over 40 energetic, hands-on processes, as well as verbal processes, your body chooses what will create the most ease and communion in a unique way.

These processes are designed to facilitate dynamic shifts and changes in relation to issues such as body size/shape, relief of chronic and acute pain, relationships and so much more. 

Would your body be willing to receive more ease, release tension, even possibly release dis-ease?

What would it be like to live in your body with total ease and freedom?

What would it take for your body to be your guide to living your life with joy?

The Access Consciousness clearing statement is a gentle and effective tool used to facilitate change in any area of your life. For more information on the clearing statement, here's the website: www.theclearingstatement.com

"I have had many sessions with Lori and each one is unique in its own way. Lori is highly intuitive and with her in-depth training and knowledge as an energy healer she has the ability to just know what my body needs each time I see her. Lori also has a great sense of humour and makes me feel very comfortable each time I see her, and there is never any judgment on how I'm might feeling that day or what feelings I may chose to share with her. Her healing energy is a part of me now and I am so very grateful for that."

- Margie, Victoria, BC

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Access Consciousness® Energetic Facelift™

The Access Facelift™ is a wonderful way to rejuvenate and reverse the appearance of aging on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body. Working with the energy that you and your body have access to though gentle soothing touch to your face and neck, the Access Facelift™ works with your body’s cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is one of the more gentle yet powerful therapies. William Sutherland, an osteopathic practitioner in the early 1900’s, discovered that gentle manipulations and adjustments at the sutures of the cranium, sacrum, and tail-bone released tension from the membranes of the entire system, allowing the body to self-correct. An non-invasive joint-mobility discipline, using gentle, fluid movements of the bones and tissues of the head, thorax, and hips to enhance the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

The practitioner palpates for the craniosacral rhythm and offers the system an opportunity for correction. When the body incurs any type of trauma, the nervous system holds an "imprint" of the event. The craniosacral rhythm is disrupted by concussive type injuries, whiplash injuries, dental work, birthing traumas, emotional events and much more of life's "bumps and bruises". CST is beneficial as it re-establishes balance, alleviates compression and reduces restriction in soft tissues. It is also found to be beneficial for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, ADD, ADHD, colic and digestive conditions.

The benefits of treatment include improvement of nervous system function, reduction of stress, deep muscular relaxation, support of the immune system, and overall enhancement of health. A greater sense of calm, clarity, and connectedness are often experienced after a craniosacral session. Craniosacral work can be done with the client clothed or unclothed.

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Energetic Structural Synthesis of Embodiment

ESSE, Energetic Structural Synthesis of Embodiment is a set of potent and gentle myofascial manipulations and Craniosacral techniques combined with Access Consciousness tools and techniques that can facilitate change in all the tissue and structure of the body. It addresses conditions such as internal/external scarring, cellulite, torn and broken tissue to name but a few.
As the only Registered Massage Therapist in Canada to be trained in ESSE, I am able to offer something completely different in the treatment of soft tissue injury.

"Years ago, when Lori’s and my path crossed, I recognized immediately that her drive, innate knowledge of holistic healing and genuine caring of the human condition was cause to experience all that she had to offer. I am proud to call Lori a friend, and a fellow healer."

- Dave, Ashmont, AB

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle, connective tissue massage technique that accelerates the movement of the lymphatic fluid that bathes the tissues, through the lymphatic system and into the bloodstream. The lymphatic system is responsible for keeping the connective tissue surrounding cells free from excess water, proteins, bacteria, viruses, inorganic materials, destroyed cells resulting from surgery or trauma, red blood cells, and other dead cells.

The therapist uses precise, rhythmic strokes. The pumping action of the massage causes small capillaries to open and close, enhancing reabsorption of lymph from the tissues back into the lymphatic vessels. This technique helps remove toxins, reduces edema or tissue fluid retention, and decongests all lymphatic pathways. The repetitive and soothing movements also stimulate pain-inhibitory reflexes. Lymphatic drainage massage enhances immune function, increases tissue metabolism, improves nutrition to the tissues, promotes eliminative functions, establishes fluid balance, reduces pain, and induces deep relaxation.

"Lori Ouellette is such a positive, happy person that I feel better any time I see her (even before she lays her healing hands on me). I also enjoy the hugs from Lori. She is a person that "really" gets me. I always feel better (in many ways) after I see Lori. In a "perfect" world, I would LOVE to see her weekly."

- Rose, Bonnyville, AB

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Massage Therapy Options:

"Lori Ouellette Is a very talented healer. I have been going to her for massage therapy and energy work for over ten years. I feel that she saved my life because I was in so much pain that I did not want to live anymore. She has improved my life, physically AND emotionally, so much that I can successfully engage in my passion, stone sculpting.

Lori continues to learn new healing techniques, her latest being Access Consciousness The BARS, which I have experienced from her and learned from her. 

If you have the chance to see her for any of her treatments, I highly recommend that you do. I guarantee that you will be grateful that you did. "

- Loretta, Eastbourne, AB

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release Bodywork is a gentle, hands-on form of stretching that evaluates and treats the fascial connective tissue system, which can become restricted due to overuse, inactivity, trauma, or infection, often resulting in pain and muscle tension. The function of fascia is varied, but it generally acts as a shock absorber. It creates tissue spaces and plays an important role in support, protection, separation, cellular respiration, elimination, metabolism, and fluid and lymphatic flow. It is a major area of inflammatory processes and will often change prior to chronic tissue congestion. Dysfunction in these tissues can have far-reaching effects.

The therapist applies gentle pressure into the direction of the restriction by following the motion of the tissue, barrier after barrier, with sustained pressure that supports the release. This process relieves restrictions throughout the body, promoting strength, flexibility, full range of motion, aligned posture, and fluid movement.

"I've had low back/hip pain for several years and have tried various treatments from massage to chiropractic (and everything in between). Lori, is one person, who, has helped ease my pain significantly. She has a gentle, magical way of relieving my pain by simply laying her hands on the area of tension and feeling/knowing what my body requires.
I feel like the Access Consciousness hands-on body processes are truly a breakthrough in healing therapies as it treats not only the physical, but the underlying cause of the pain, which has been deeply rooted in our own conscious bodies.
Lori facilitates this healing process and helps bring her clients to their optimal well being. I'm so fortunate to be one of her clients and experience her gift of healing first hand."

- Leanne, Edmonton, AB

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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is designed for women who are pregnant, and they can receive this massage at any point in their pregnancy, from 12 weeks to post-term.

The client receives the session in a side-lying position with pillows and bolsters provided for support and maximum comfort. The treatment consists of specific features of tissue sculpting, Swedish massage, joint mobilization, foot zone therapy, and connective tissue work to alleviate many of the physiological, musculoskeletal, and emotional stresses that can accompany pregnancy.

Massage during pregnancy increases blood and lymph circulation, thereby relieving swelling in the legs as well as hands. It alleviates strain on weight -bearing joints and myofascial structures to provide relief from muscle spasms and cramps. It can also relieve pain from varicosities. This treatment provides general stress reduction, allowing women to approach labor with more confidence and less anxiety.

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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a specialized and often eclectic form of Swedish massage that focuses on enhancing athletic performance and facilitating post-event recovery. It benefits the professional or amateur athlete, dancer, or exercise enthusiast. Practitioners of sports massage concentrate on working the whole body, and they also pay particular attention to those muscle groups that are involved in a specific sport or activity. The four basic strokes used by a sports massage therapist are direct or trigger point pressure, cross fiber friction, compression, and percussion.

In addition to the benefits derived from the general massage therapy treatment, sports massage keeps the whole body in optimum physical condition. It can elevate athletic performance and boost endurance, and it can prevent injuries by increasing flexibility and elasticity in the joints. Sports massage also promotes faster recovery to injured tissues, reduces pain, and minimizes muscle fatigue.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the classic style of bodywork. Also called Western massage, it is the most popular and familiar massage method being practiced today, and it has served as a foundation for many of the massage techniques developed in recent years. Swedish massage is a scientific system of manipulations on the muscles and connective soft tissue of the body for the purpose of relaxation, rehabilitation, and health maintenance. It is comprised of five basic strokes and their variations: effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), friction (cross fiber), percussion (rhythmic tapping), and vibration.

Swedish/Western massage directly increases blood circulation, thus enhancing delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the tissues. It also increases lymph circulation, which speeds up the removal of metabolic waste and the by-products of tissue damage and inflammation. It has been reported helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness, and promoting relaxation.

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Primarily a discipline that has its origins in eastern traditions, it shares the principle of meridians with Chinese Acupuncture. It has evolved to applying gentle although firm pressure to points anywhere along those meridians. Mostly the practitioner will use the "end points" located on the soles of the feet, however, these points can be located on the palms or the hands, the ears and the face as well. The application of this discipline facilitates deep relaxation in the whole system. It assists in alleviating discomfort and inflammation in the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems. It allows the mind/body system permission to reset-reboot its innate healing abilities.

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Visceral Manipulation

Similar to the craniosacral system having a particular movement, so do the viscera, the internal organs of the body. Each organ is suspended in the abdominal cavity by ligaments and is subjected to many forces, for example: gravity, emotions, lateral impact, falls, etc. The function and synchronistic nature of all the organs are compromised when the individual organ's rhythm is interrupted. This gentle, hands-on technique re-establishes the communication and efficiency of all the internal organs by relieving tension held in the tissues.

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